Planning for the Fall Garden


多年生植物- 每个季节都有它自己的调色板和秋天是最富有的所有这些之一。有多年生植物,您可以添加到你的花园,现在将加强秋季的挂毯。紫紫菀和蓝色鼠尾草是美妙的颜色互补季节的红色,橙色和金色的树叶。

And if you are a savvy shopper then you know that garden centers offer end-of-the-season prices to reduce their inventory before winter sets in. This means now is the time to get some great deals on plants that have yet to shine.

Goldenrod ‘Fireworks’ (perennial)
Aster ‘Alma Potchke’ (perennial)
Japanese Anemone (perennial)
Hardy Begonia (perennial)

Fall Flower Border观赏草- 观赏草的质地和运动使得它们非常适合于秋季。查找品种如芒“晨光”,小叶“卡尔·福斯特”和矮草喷泉“小兔子”。

年鉴– When it comes to pumping up the color in your garden it is hard to beat annuals. You can breathe new life into your summer annuals by applying a liquid fertilizer every 7 to 10 days and cutting back those that have grown leggy.

If you live in a region where warm summer weather extends well into fall, sow a second wave of fast growing annual flowers such as cosmos, gomphrena and celosia.


容器花园- 计划与植物几“在增滑剂”改造你的容器花园秋季。这些都是你可以现在添加,以取代疲惫的夏季花卉植物。一些替代品我靠,是羽衣甘蓝,三色堇,金鱼草或观赏草。小树和与醒目的树叶也给你的容器花园的秋天辉光不错的选择灌木。尝试弗吉尼亚甜蜜的塔尖,大叶黄杨,日本枫树,矮紫薇和蜡瓣花。在本赛季结束时,地面结冰,然后才能移植到这些你的花园里的花边界。

灌木和树木– The true stars of the fall landscape are those trees and shrubs that produce brilliantly colored foliage.

In Northern regions plant trees and shrubs in the ground well before the first frost date in your area so they can get established before cold weather sets in. Warm climate gardeners should wait until the heat breaks in the fall before planting. You will find that the cooler temperatures and more plentiful rain of autumn make the job of caring for newly planted trees and shrubs much easier.

Vegetables- 像春天的初期,气温凉爽秋天是适合种植某些蔬菜,如绿叶蔬菜,花椰菜和甘蓝。现在是让你的种子目录,把你的莴苣,菠菜和芝麻菜订货时。蔬菜如花椰菜,芽甘蓝和卷心菜是更好地在当地的花园中心购买的移植开始。在我中南部区7花园我开始种植,只要我感觉的热量大约是突破,这通常是八月下旬到九月中旬。


Estimated First Frost Dates by Zone
Zone 3 – September 1st – 30th
Zone 4 – September 1st – 30th
5区 - 9月30日至10月30日
区6 - 9月30日至10月30日
7区 - 十月15日至11月15日
区8 - 10月30日至11月30日
Zone 9 – November 30th – December 30th
Zone 10 – November 30th – December 30th
区11 - 无霜


Introduce Yourself to Husk Cherries

By guest writer Jennifer Burcke
(taken from theOctober Naturally e-magazine

I remember vividly the first time I tasted a husk cherry. It was more than a decade ago while shopping at the local farmers market with my young daughter. One of the farmers had a small basket of papery lantern shaped fruits on his table. I asked if they were tomatillos based on their appearance. He was happy to offer us a generous handful of husk cherries to taste while he told us all about these interesting fruits.

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Add Whimsy and Warts to Fall Decor with Toad Pumpkins


Painted pumpkins are an easy and popular alternative to carving the traditional jack-o-lanterns. And the Toad pumpkins, with their small shape and interesting “warts” will add even more whimsy to your designs. Toad pumpkins are easy to grow from seed, have a bright orange color and will need approximately 85 days to grow to maturity. They weigh between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs., which is the perfect size for a project with children. The more water you give it, the more warts it will produce! You can purchase Toad pumpkin seeds from myHome Grown Seed Collection

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The end of summer is when all work in the vegetable garden really starts to pay off. Warm season crops like corn, tomatoes, watermelon, and eggplant are ready to harvest. And the zucchinis! They seem to be everywhere!



  • Harvest

    第一年的芦笋花园不应该被采摘。卸下长矛削弱了工厂,同时它仍然试图让成立。后的第一年。所以当它是收获的芦笋约3次/ 8英寸厚,6〜8英寸高。务必切断矛土壤线以下,约一英寸,以防止病虫害。

  • 商店



  • Harvest

    哈密​​瓜is ready to harvest when it pulls easily from the vine. The area around the stem may also appear cracked. Smell is also a good indicator. If the melon smells fragrant and musky, it is ripe.

  • 商店



  • Harvest

    Corn can be tricky to gauge because there are several variables that determine how quickly it matures. The days to maturity listed on the back of the seed pack is a good guide, but you also need to factor in your climate and whether the variety is open pollinated or hybrid. Sweet corn has a fairly narrow window when the flavor is at its peak. I’ve always been told to watch the silks, once they turn brown or black it is time to harvest. In addition, the tip of the ear should feel round, not pointed, and punctured kernels should pop, producing a milky liquid.

  • 商店

    Corn should be eaten as soon after harvest as possible, but它可以被冻结在汤和其他配方使用。


  • Harvest


  • 商店

    Cucumbers placed in a loose bag will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator.


  • Harvest


  • 商店

    As with most fresh vegetables, it is best to use eggplant the day it is harvested but given modern day schedules, this is not always feasible. You can store eggplant for about 3 days in the refrigerator.


  • Harvest


  • 商店

    让秋葵在冰箱里2到3天。商店in the crisper in a perforated bag. Do not wash okra before storing because wet okra will mold quickly. Browning of the pods indicates that they are past their prime.


  • Harvest


  • 商店



  • Harvest

    Early potatoes or those collected in spring or summer can be dug when the vines are in bloom, about 10 weeks after
    planting. Mature potatoes are ready for harvest when the vines have died about half way back. Lay the potatoes on

  • 商店

    Early potatoes can be stored unrefrigerated. To store potatoes long term (5 – 10 months) first cure for 1 – 2 days, then store in a single layer in a dry, cool, dark place.


  • Harvest

    A pumpkin is ready to harvest when it has reached the desired color and the rind is hard. You can test its readiness


  • 商店

    Gently clean the pumpkins by brushing off any excess dirt and then place them in a dry, warm area for 7 to 10 days. This will heal scratches and further harden the rind, which helps reduce moisture loss. If a frost is expected cover the pumpkins with a frost blanket overnight.

    After they have been cured keep your pumpkins in a cool location (about 50 to 60 ° F), out of direct sunlight with plenty of good air circulation. Stored this way, they should last up to 3 months.

Summer Squash

  • Harvest

    收集西葫芦当他们稚嫩,长度约4至5英寸。老,大水果硬朗的外观应该从葡萄树被移除并扔掉。这将鼓励更多的鲜花和水果。帕蒂泛西葫芦是准备当它是3 - 直径4英寸,肌肤仍然柔软足以击穿。随着哈伯德外,壁球应被削减约茎的1英寸。

  • 商店

    Squash will keep in a loose plastic bag in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days. Do not wash before storing because water
    droplets will cause decay.


  • Harvest

    Pick snap beans while they are young before the beans become visible inside the pod. All beans including snaps should be harvested continually to promote more bean production. Harvest early in the day after the dew has dried on the leaves.

  • 商店

    Beans will keep for 3 days in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Do not wash before storing because wet beans will decay quickly. You can also freeze snap beans. Blanch before freezing.


  • Harvest


  • 商店

    商店ripe tomatoes unrefrigerated. Green tomatoes can be kept in a paper bag with an apple to ripen. The apple produces ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening process.


  • Harvest


  • 商店


Winter Squash

  • Harvest

    The rind of winter and autumn squash should be hard and deep in color. You should be able to press into the skin with your fingernail and not leave an indention. Harvest in early to mid-autumn before the first hard freeze.

  • 商店



  • Harvest

    Like summer squash zucchini should be harvested while young and tender although the fruits should be about 6 to 8 inches long. Old, large fruits with tough skins should be removed from the vine and thrown away. This will encourage more flowers and fruit.

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Moss Mountain Farm vegetable garden in fall



Ideally gardeners should start preparing for fall right around the summer solstice, if not before if you live in an area with a short growing season. In most areas planting should take place from July through August to allow for plenty of time for seeds and plants to grow and mature before the first autumn freeze.



9 Plants for Your Fall Vegetable Garden

西兰花– Broccoli seedlings should be planted 10 weeks before the first frost date in your area. This means planting them during the last hot summer days so it’s important to mulch around them to help keep the ground cool and moist. Feed the plants 3 weeks after transplanting into the garden. Use a low nitrogen fertilizer. 70 days to maturity.
Brussels Sprouts – Brussels sprouts are ideal for fall gardens because they really taste best when allowed to mature in cool weather. In my mid-South garden, summer comes too quickly to grow them in the spring garden. Set the plants out in mid-summer. It will take about 3 months before the sprouts appear. They are ready for harvest when they are firm and green. 90 days to maturity.
卷心菜 - 植物幼苗第一霜前6至8周。如果炎热的夏天依然强烈,当它的时间在您所在地区的植物,给来自太阳年轻的植物保护剂。卷心菜是需要肥沃的土壤富含有机质和水分一贯重馈线。70天成熟。
菜花 - 植物幼苗第一霜前6至8周。花椰菜可能会非常棘手增长。肥沃的土壤和一致的浇水是关键。在温度,湿度和营养物质的波动会引起植物为“键”或产生小的,矮小头。超过时,他们大约在2个到3英寸的头绑外层的叶子一起灼头。这使他们从返青,成为苦。60天到期。
Kohlrabi – Kohlrabi is a member of cabbage family, but it looks and tastes similar to a turnip. The bulbous edible portion grows just above the soil line. Shade young plants from summer sun. 40 to 60 days to maturity depending on variety.
莴笋 - 播种在夏末。提供从午后的阳光相一致的水分和遮荫苗。45〜60天,根据类型和品种的收获。
芥菜 - 播种所述第一霜前6周。种子于土壤,是45至85华氏度保持土壤湿润一贯鼓励快速增长和嫩绿色发芽。45天到期。
萝卜 - 播种用于第一霜前4周萝卜。冬性品种如中国玫瑰,成熟慢,越来越大,存储时间。他们应该初霜前播种大约6个星期。播下种子均匀,所以你不必瘦他们。不喂必要的,但土壤宜肥沃和排水良好。他们迅速成熟所以定期检查。他们准备尽快为他们食用大小的收获。25〜50天成熟取决于品种。
菠菜 - 播种第一霜日期前5周。在短短几天凉爽,秋天的天气潮湿,甚至更好的菠菜比春天。已建立的菠菜产量将持续到冬季,能够承受温度下降到20多岁。菠菜喜欢非常肥沃的土壤,鼓励快速增长和嫩叶。45天到期。


Create a Fall Vegetable Garden Plan


Here’s a planting plan based on the framed beds in our city garden. The square beds are 4′ x 4′ and the triangles are 6′ long and 3′ tall. Don’t worry if you do not have this exact configuration. Scale the plant quantities to suit your garden.

Shopping List

  • 6红甘蓝,再加上1集装箱
  • 12 Chinese Cabbage
  • 10 Broccoli
  • 6 Green Cabbage
  • 8羽衣甘蓝
  • 10 Buttercrunch Lettuce
  • 10红帆生菜
  • 12菠菜
  • 5 Cilantro
  • 20 Kale
  • 5 Curly Parsley, Plus 2 for Container
  • 5 Flat Leaf Parsley
  • 5 Dill
  • 3 Basil
  • 4芝麻菜
  • 18英寸的锅
  • Potting Soil for Container
  • 有机缓释肥料




Even though you may still be harvesting tomatoes and squash, it is time to start thinking about replanting your vegetable garden with cool season favorites such as lettuce, English peas and broccoli.


你看,蔬菜作物可分为两个基本种类 - 冷季型和暖季。这意味着,一些植物茁壮成长在凉爽的气温和春季或秋季的短日照时间,能够承受轻微的霜冻天气,而其他应温暖,夏天的长天期间生长。



Fall Vegetable Garden如果你是从种子开始就考虑到天将采取植物成熟与第一低于冰点的季节温度的数量是很重要的。你不会希望自己的劳动成果得到由老杰克弗罗斯特手段传给你有收获他们的机会了。


Another thing to keep in mind when planting fall vegetables is that the seedlings require plenty of moisture. So keep them well watered until fall rains begin. And many of the leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are heavy feeders so be generous with the fertilizer.


Zone 3 – Sept 1st – 30th
Zone 4 – Sept 1st – 30th
5区 - 9月30日至十月30日
Zone 6 – Sept 30th – Oct 30th
7区 - 十月15日至11月15日
Zone 8 – Oct 30th – Nov 30th
区9 - 11月30日至12月30日
区10 - 11月30日至12月30日
区11 - 无霜

11 Edibles to Grow this Fall


许多园丁没有意识到summe的结束r doesn’t signal the end of home grown vegetables and herbs. There are quite a few things we can grow during the cool, short days of fall. Here are eleven of my top favorites.











Fall Vegetable Garden Tips


Find out the first frost date in your area and compare it to the maturity dates of plants. This will help you determine what and when to plant.



This centerpiece is a combination of cut marigolds, fall foliage and spicy red peppers. It is a bright color combination that is sure to make a splash at your next gathering.



  • marigolds
  • 红辣椒
  • “黑骑士”莲子
  • 棕色莎草(苔buchanii)
  • bittersweet


  • 南瓜,中等大小
  • chicken wire
  • 浅花瓶装水里面的南瓜
  • 雕刻工具
  • 罐盖




Set the vase with the chicken wire floral frog into the pumpkin. Add water to the vase and you are ready to begin arranging your flowers.

First you want to establish the framework of the arrangement by inserting the sedge and bittersweet. You can purchase bittersweet at the florist. If you don’t have either of these plants anything tall and spiky will do. I also like to use things such as wheat, ornamental grasses, liatris or salvias.

Next fill in with the round and full marigold blooms and peppers. Again, you can substitute with what you have on hand.

As a finishing touch add the alternanthera leaves so that they drape over the rim of the pumpkin. Other options are goldenrod, sprigs of ivy, and hyacinth bean vine.

When I place the pumpkin on the table I encircle the arrangement with a few sprigs of bittersweet.

Improve Your Autumn Lawn Plan


Taking a few simple steps now will ensure that my grass goes into winter with everything it needs to emerge lush and green next spring.


Fall Lawn Fertilizer

大多数植物不会在夏季结束需要喂养,但草皮是个例外。此时肥料的应用促进根系发达 - 好消息告诉你的草,当我们进入冬季。对于冷季草(北部各州)传播肥在九月初。饲料暖季草(南部)在九月初和十月中旬。按照申请后要彻底制造商的说明和水。

To do my part to reduce chemical runoff I like to use an organic lawn food, especially one that is phosphorous-free.

Fall Lawn Mowing




Sundial on a Grassy Terrace




This is a great time of year to create a new lawn or re-sod an old one. You just want to give your new lawn plenty of time to acclimate before it gets too cold. To prepare the area first kill any existing grass or weeds with a nonselective herbicide. Once the vegetation has died, till the area to loosen the soil. Sod will root best in moist soil so gently shower the area with water before you put down the grass down. It is easy to forget to water during the fall but you should keep the area consistently moist until the grass gets established.



Dethatching and Aerating your Lawn


If you have clay or highly compacted soil you may need to go the extra step of aerating your lawn. Be sure to do this before the end of September. It will take about 3 weeks for the grass to recover from the process. To aerate your lawn you can either rent a machine, hire a professional or, if you are working in a small area use, a pitch fork. Push the pitchfork into the ground at a 45 degree angle about 4 inches deep. Then rock the fork back and forth to loosen the soil.



Controlling Perennial Lawn Weeds