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Furnishing Your Garden Room

Although the summer solstice falls on June 21, I think of Memorial Day as the introduction of summer in my zone 8A garden.

During summer our indoor activities such as dining and entertaining move outdoors so it just makes sense to have an area set up to enjoy them. In just a few easy steps a patio, porch or secluded spot in the garden can become an extension of your home’s interior spaces.

One of the easiest ways to give an outdoor room plenty of indoor charm is to add several “fool-the-eye” interior elements such as rugs, cushions, and other interior accessories. With today’s weather resistant fabrics and finishes you can create a stylish scene in no time by following a few simple tips.

德fine the Space with a Rug定义空间与室外地毯

Caring for an outdoor rug is usually quite easy since they are often made of durable natural fibers or synthetic materials. You can spray off the rug with a hose or use a brush broom to clean it. To prevent mildew, hang the rug over a chair or railing to dry after a rain, even if it is made from mildew resistant material. This will allow air to circulate on both sides, which speeds up the drying time. If the rug can’t be picked up, just roll back the edges.


It’s easy to give your garden furniture new life with a coat of paint. First evaluate the material you are working with – is it man made or natural? Then pick an appropriate paint that can withstand the weather. Once the paint is dry coat it with a water seal to give it a longer life. Metal furnishings can be sandblasted and taken to a powder coating shop where a virtually indestructible layer of paint is applied. Wooden pieces should be given protection during the cold, wet months and may require touch ups from time to time.

当您设定选择颜色,基本规则 - 充满活力的红色,橙色和黄色的画眼睛,而较冷的色调,例如柔和的蓝色,粉红色和紫色增加空间感。家具以明亮的色彩最好放置在你想故意的语句,如对深绿色对冲醒目的红色椅子的地方。在柔和的绿色,同一组将融合在一起,它的周围。

Use Bright Fabric面料
Fabric stores are stocking more and more indoor-outdoor fabric that’s brighter than ever before. What’s great about using this type of fabric is that it has been tested for years in marine environments so you know you’re getting a product that can really take the elements.

Consider using cushion covers that you can slip over the existing lawn furnishing cushions. You can throw these in the wash when needed and they make it easy to change the look of your garden room from year to year. If you’re not a seamstress, but want to try making pillow covers cut out an “envelope” of fabric that can be wrapped around the pillow. Use self-adhesive Velcro to affix the envelope tabs together.


The “must have” accessory for gardeners with a little extra room is a covered place to create an outdoor space. Fabric cabanas and pergolas are popping up everywhere. I was impressed with the price range – anywhere from $150 to the thousands of dollars depending on the size and style you choose. As added bonus these structures can be outfitted with mosquito netting to block out these little pests.

An outdoor setting is tailor made for delighting the senses so when choosing accessories for your garden room go for items that will heighten the experience. Dramatic lighting is a must.照明创建氛围串起来的灯光,并阐明了蜡烛。电池供电的LED照明是一个有趣的新选项,带走了室外的,你可以得到LED蜡烛茶的需要;它们看起来像真的一样,但不会熄灭的时候刮风。不要忘了植物。香花和软,模糊的叶子会加重氛围。桌面喷泉,风铃或音乐将创造柔和的声音来阻挡噪音的街道。

As the weather warms and you start spending more time outdoors rethink the place where you live and look for opportunities to set the stage, if you will, and push the boundaries of your home past the walls of your house and out into the landscape beyond.



Daffodils – If you’ve been to my farm, you know daffodils are one of my favorites. Plant the bulbs in the late fall and you’ll enjoy vases full of the yellow charmers as soon as the temperatures begin to warm.

Peonies – Peonies are one of the hardiest and most resilient plants in the garden. What’s more their prime time for blooming starts in mid-May and runs through June – perfect for the wedding season. If you plan to cut peonies from the garden, I suggest selecting half-opened blooms, simply because they will last longer.

郁金香——你可以找到几乎任何sh的郁金香ade and there are a variety of bloom shapes too. Plant bulbs in fall. Check the bloom time for the variety to make sure it will be in flower at the time of your ceremony.

Bouquet Idea

Hydrangeas – Because hydrangeas are so full you only need a few stems to create a lush bouquet. It’s important to know Hydrangeas do have a tendency to lose their vitality, so you’ll want to keep them in a cool place and give them plenty of water after they are cut. If possible, cut them the morning of the wedding to ensure the freshest bouquet.

Lilies – Lilies will come back year after year and be prolific producers of open full blooms. White Oriental lilies make for an elegant and fragrant bouquet. For the best color selection choose an Asiatic variety. Be sure to remove lily stamens to keep the pollen from getting on clothes.

百日草 - 植物百日草,你会享受的野花般的美丽从初夏赏金直到第一次霜冻。我喜欢这些切割和松散耦合安排一个轻松的看一个玻璃瓶。对于一束花,我建议用天然拉菲草绑。

Bouquet Idea

Sunflowers – An iconic symbol of the close of summer and start of fall, cut a few sunflower stalks and loosely assemble with ribbon for a tied bouquet or simply enjoy their beauty in tall metal or glass vase.

Cockscomb – With a vase life of 5-10 days, cockscomb’s modern look makes for a hardy bouquet. Mix with other seasonal selections from your florist or market, such as button mums, for a fall display.

Dahlias – One of the most cheerful blooms in the garden, you’ll want to plant your dahlias around the same time you put tomatoes in the ground. You can expect to have cut flowers from late summer until the first frost.

Bouquet Idea
Any of these blooms would be lovely for a monochromatic arrangement or bouquet. All three offer varieties that produce different bloom forms so you can pick flowers in the same color family, but with different shapes.

If you are interested in any of these varieties to grow yourself, you can find severalhere!



I can certainly sympathize with your plight of not having enough time to spend in your flower garden. I love to garden and find it very relaxing, but there are times when it is just plain work.

My first suggestion would be to determine the amount of time you have to spend in your garden and then consider the size of your garden. Keep the design simple. Maybe reducing the manicured portion and enlarging the natural portion would alleviate some of the problem. Later on down the road if you find that you have extra time on your hands to spend in the garden you can always expand.


Other ideas include installing a mowing strip such as a brick edge to your beds so you can mow close and eliminate line trimming. Use landscape fabric and mulch to help retain moisture and control weeds. Replenish your mulch once every year. Use ground covers as ‘living mulch’ to fill in bare spots. When you are ready to plant it the area simply pull out the ground cover. And keep your tools handy and organized. Wasting time searching for the right tool means less time spent enjoying your flowers.

There are a couple pieces of equipment I keep on hand to make garden tasks a little easier, too. TheGarden Scoot,旁路修剪器,双切到手修枝剪, and aweeder and trowel set有几件事情我不能没有!

9 Plants to Grow in Shade


Shade plants have it all figured out. They’re loving life out of the rays of the scorching sun. Who can blame them? When it’s hotter than a Billy goat in a pepper patch, I like to spend my time in shady spots too.Read more

Supertunia Bordeaux and Sweet Caroline Ipomea

Twelve Plants That Are On Trend in 2016

This year promises to be a winning one for gardeners. Trend watchers are indicating we’ll see some exciting developments such as low-maintenance designs, bold color and, after years of focusing on hardscape, plants are back in the spotlight. Everyone is talking about the amazing varieties we have to choose from at garden centers this year: plants that produce big color with minimal care, multi-talented annuals, perennials and shrubs suited for any space including containers and vivid foliage that offers color all season long. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic year for adding beauty to our living spaces.

Here are 12 plants that I grow and love that are on trend in 2016.

Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake®泰拉

我可以在花园大明确优雅白色花朵统计所有季节Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake®泰拉. Stunning flowers that do well in full sun to part shade, it is one of my favorites to place in flower beds.

  • 大,纯白色的花朵上的强烈尾随茎
  • No deadheading required for season-long bloom
  • Works great as a spiller in containers or as a groundcover in landscapes
  • Do not let plants dry out because it takes about two weeks for the flowers to reappear
  • Fertilize regularly for best performance
  • 充满阳光to part shade

Superbena®Royale Red马鞭草

美丽和耐热的,纯红色的花朵Superbena®Royale Red马鞭草grow all season whether they are in the flower beds or garden containers. Their saturated color is a stand out along borders and pathways.

  • 纯红色的花朵盛开集群春季到秋季,而不deadheading
  • 对于一个完美的伴侣Superbells®Supertunia®in hanging baskets and containers; also great in landscapes
  • Vigorous, heat tolerant verbena that is resistant to powdery mildew
  • Tolerates drier soils with lower fertility
  • Benefits from a haircut to encourage fuller growth with more flowers
  • 充满阳光to part shade

‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’Ipomoea

‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’Ipomoea是辉煌的深裂,黄绿色的绿色叶子一个冠军充当了不同的颜色组合,无论是在花坛或花园容器的画布。

  • Versatile trailing foliage plant for hanging baskets and containers
  • 热宽容和树势旺盛
  • 德eply lobed, chartreuse foliage
  • This sweet potato vine has minimal potato set, a bonus for planting in containers
  • 充满阳光to part shade
  • Protect from early and late season frosts in Northern climates



  • Fragrant, deep purple flowers bloom all season and don’t quit in the heat like some varieties of alyssum
  • Continuous bloomer with no deadheading required
  • Plays well with others in containers, hanging baskets and landscapes
  • 需要一致的防潮容器中茁壮成长
  • 说真的,这是你在春天种植的第一家工厂,最后你会在秋末删除 - 我们到十二月谈论四月开花。
  • Early and late snow and frosts are not an issue
  • 充满阳光to part shade


Always striking with light purple flowers with dramatic deep purple veining and throat,Supertunia®波尔多牵牛花are regulars in my containers and hanging baskets. They are also beautiful among green foliage in full sun to light shade.

  • 引人注目的浅紫色的花朵与戏剧性的深紫色脉络和咽喉,与深绿色树叶
  • 花开春季到秋季,而不deadheading
  • 矮牵牛,从景观随时随地增长到容器和吊篮
  • Fertilize regularly for best performance
  • 我还没有找到一个更好的习惯矮牵牛吊篮和容器的组合 - 它所有的植物生长良好
  • Supertunias can handle light frost, so you can start them early and depend on them long into fall
  • 充分太阳光线明暗


“猫的喵”Nepetawith sky blue flowers atop silvery-green foliage adds charm reminiscent of an English garden, but also stylish enough for a contemporary look. One of my favorites for being deer and rabbit resistant while attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

  • 低维护,自然简洁的选择t won’t need trimming to stay neat looking
  • 天蓝色的花出现在初夏的银绿色的树叶到初秋
  • Shearing plants back by half after the first round of bloom encourages strong rebloom
  • 德er and rabbit resistant; attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
  • 充满阳光, lean and drier soils are best

Luscious® Berry Blend™马缨丹

随着紫红色,橙色和黄色的花朵俏皮集群,Luscious® Berry Blend™Lantanasare perfect in my flower beds because they attract butterflies and hummingbirds. These sun-lovers bloom all growing season and stand up to tough conditions.

  • Tough-as-nails annual is extremely heat and drought tolerant, tolerates poor soils; protect from frost
  • Large clusters of fuchsia, orange and yellow flowers on mounded plants
  • 花开所有赛季没有deadheading
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, not preferred by deer
  • In the South, it’s nearly a small shrub – great for large urns and patio containers
  • 充满阳光


Low growing with dark green foliage dusted heavily with tiny golden yellow blossoms,Golddust®Mecardoniaprovides the perfect contrast of height and size in the garden—a sun-lover that thrives best in the midsummer heat.

  • 易成长为每年的边界或花园路的边缘
  • 非常低的增长,深绿色的叶子与微小的金黄色花朵撒巨资
  • Blooms from spring through fall without deadheading – might even surprise you with more flowers the following spring after a mild winter
  • Thrives in the heat
  • 充满阳光


没有其他比较丰富的橙叶铜牌Colorblaze® Keystone Kopper®Solenostemon在秋季(彩叶草)花园使其成为一个传统的最爱,在大型容器和景观维护。

  • Richly saturated orange-bronze foliage that won’t fade like “lesser” coleus
  • 孕育在所有很晚或不开花,使工厂最后,秋天很少的维护
  • Wonderful in large containers and landscapes
  • 热耐受性,并通过较少鹿优选
  • 充满阳光to shade

Lo & Behold®‘Lilac Chip’Buddleia

Lo & Behold®‘Lilac Chip’Buddleiais my small space alternative that packs a lot of blooms and always produce beautiful clusters of fragrant, soft lavender-pink flowers, which are butterfly magnets.

  • 获奖,无籽蝴蝶布什不会播种在花园里的种子
  • 软薰衣草粉红色的花朵吸引蝴蝶盛夏和蜂鸟霜无deadheading
  • 矮的,紧凑的习惯只生长1½-2'高x 2-2 ½’ 宽
  • 大小非常适合的容器和小规模的城市景观
  • 充满阳光

Prairie Winds®‘Cheyenne Sky’Panicum

My garden essential for low maintenance and drought resistance—Prairie Winds®‘Cheyenne Sky’Panicum创建贯穿了蓝绿色和酒红色的色调美丽的花园运动和连续性。

  • 规模较小,天然观赏草形成致密,花瓶形丛最多3'高
  • Blue-green foliage begins to turn wine red in early summer; turns nearly all-red by fall
  • Matching wine red flower panicles appear in late summer
  • A hardy perennial alternative to annual purple fountain grass
  • Best grown in landscapes or very large containers due to its strong root system
  • Very easy to grow in any soil and full sun


Fragrant and magnificent,阳光明媚的周年®Abelia是我最喜欢的耐鹿花灌木的景观和容器的组合之一。用奶油黄色和粉红色的花朵洒,它带来的不仅是异想天开元素花园也蜂鸟,蝴蝶和尤其是我。

  • Fragrant flowering shrub with light yellow flowers splashed with pink and orange
  • Large, plentiful blooms appear on arching stems from midsummer through early fall
  • Mid-sized shrub, 3-4′ tall, used for landscapes, foundation plantings and containers
  • 鹿耐,吸引蝴蝶
  • 充满阳光to part shade

Winter Garden Plants


You would be amazed at the number of plants available to brighten your garden this winter. Here is a list of a few of my favorites.

You may be surprised to know that quite a few plants bloom during winter, especially if you live in a mild climate. Here are just a few.

Camellia japonica
Jasminum nudiflorum
Pansies and Violas
白色,泪滴状花朵点缀在冬末或非常早春这些小树林美女。我喜欢的品种,由于其超大的花朵“约翰·格雷”。哈迪在区3 - 8,局部厂在初秋这些灯泡到全遮荫的地方。雪花莲喜欢丰富,排水良好的土壤。
Often emerging through crusts of snow, this iris is the first to bloom in my garden. I like ‘Cantab’ because of its sky blue flowers. Plant these beauties in large drifts of 20 or more and you will be well rewarded with their beautiful blooms in late winter/early spring. Plant in full sun. Grows to about 6 inches tall.
One of my fondest memories is the ring of purple crocus that encircled the big oak tree on my grandmother’s front lawn. It was the only contribution that my grandfather made to their garden. The delicate cup shaped blooms would emerge in late winter and serve as a gentle reminder that spring was eminent. Plant spring blooming crocus in the fall in full sun to partial shade. Hardy in zones 3 – 8.
Camellia japonica
传统上认为是江南园林的美女,这种灌木的新品种已经创建了更耐寒。这种常绿灌木开花的非常早春的一些品种。植物山茶花在局部阴影在从干燥风保护的区域。他们活跃在富含腐殖质,排水良好的土壤。哈迪在区7 - 8。
This shrub is the old fashioned and unimproved variety. How refreshing! Of course this says nothing about its incredible fragrance that fills the garden as early as January! Cold hardy to zone 5, plant winter honeysuckle in full sun to partial shade. Grows 8 to 10 tall and up to 8 feet wide.
迎春花,Jasminum nudiflorum
This is a plant with subtle beauty when used as a focal point or single specimen, but when used collectively as a group it is a cold knock out. Late in January the plants are covered in tiny lemon yellow blooms. Hardy in zones 7 – 9. Winter jasmine thrives in full sun with average soil. Grows to 15 feet in warm climates, in the North it tops out at 3 to 8 feet.

During the growing season evergreens often act as background support to the more colorful plants but during the winter these quiet elements move to the forefront often providing the only color in the garden. There are many to choose from but here are a few of my favorites.

Cedrus atlantica glauca
Elaeagnus ebbingei
Great for creating a privacy screen, the plant’s silver-green leaves, cinnamon colored, whip-like stems and interesting berries make this shrub a favorite in my garden. Best if grown in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. Hardy in zones 7 – 11.
My garden would not be complete without boxwoods. I use them to create living walls, punctuate entries and as focal points. Their bright green foliage pops against the gray winter landscape. Hardy from zone 6 to 9, plant these workhorse shrubs in full sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Can grow up to 5 feet and 4 feet wide depending on variety.
Yew,Taxus baccata
Blue Atlantic Cedar,Cedrus atlantica glauca
An attractive tree in any season, its blue green foliage really stands out during winter. This tree makes an excellent focal point in gardens where the space is available. Hardy from zone 3 to 9. Plant in full sun, well-drained soil. A slower grower, the Blue Atlantic Cedar will eventually reach 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

Often hidden behind a veil of green during the spring and summer, shrubs and trees with unusual bark really stand out once the leaves have fallen.

Cornus sericea
Acer griseum
红嫩枝山茱萸,Cornus sericea
After the leaves fall in autumn, the red stems and twigs take center stage. The color ranges from dark coral to Chinese red. This is a shrub that can take very cold conditions. It seems the colder it gets, the "redder" the stems look, but maybe it’s because of their contrast with snow! Cold hardy from zone 2 to 8. Tolerates most soil types. Grows 8 to 10 feet tall.
Paper Bark Maple,Acer griseum
This tree is slow growing and will reach a height of 30 feet tall with an equally wide canopy. The old bark peels off in strips, revealing cinnamon brown color underneath. Hardy in zones 4 – 8. Plant in full sun and fertile, moist but well-drained soil.
London Plane Tree,Platanus x hispanica
去年我看到这个树,栽在一个朋友的花园。棕色,灰色和奶油挂毯 - 我被美丽的树皮迷住了。这种树可以长到100英尺,因此它的网站在其具有足够的空间的地方。它喜欢充满阳光和肥沃,排水良好的土壤。哈迪在区域5 - 8。
In a garden in Georgia I planted a small grove of birch with spectacular results. The peeled and papery bark is a beautiful texture in the garden. Cold tolerance depends on species. The Paper birch,B. papyrifera, is cold tolerant to zone 2. Plant in full sun to light shade in moist but well drained soil. Mature plant size depends on variety and species.




Black Chokeberry,阿尼亚melanocarpa
This plant is much more garden friendly than its unruly cousin the red chokeberry, Aronia arbutifolia. Deep purple almost black berries form in late summer and persist through January. A particularly nice cultivar is ‘Autumn Magic’, which has brilliant fall color and larger, longer lasting berries. Black chokeberries are very adaptable. They can be planted in full sun or partial shade. The plant prefers moist areas but will grow in dry soils as well. Hardy in zones 4 through 9.
Rosa rugosaspecies
This roses produce lovely, orange-red rose hips. It is extremely cold tolerant and is hardy from zones 2 – 9. Plant in full sun in a spot where it will get plenty of air circulation.R.藿香can get up to 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall.
American Holly ‘Carolina No. 2’,苦丁茶opaca
我一直认为,美国冬青东南部森林中最高贵的树种之一。如果你曾经研究过完全成熟冬青浆果你仔细发现它们如红,他们几乎似乎焕发激烈的阴影。原产于北美洲,这冬青是区5耐寒 - 9植物在充足的阳光或阴影在排水良好的土壤。可以达到增长50英尺高,30英尺蔓延。需要300英尺内见效男性授粉。
There is nothing like this plant’s scarlet berries to break the gray pall of winter. A well-berried tree can easily be the center of attention in any landscape. The cultivar ‘Warren Red’ produces especially lustrous and long lasting berries. Plant in full sun to partial shade with alkaline soil. Possum haw can grow up to 20 feet tall. It is hardy in zones 5 – 9. One thing to keep in mind that the plant requires a male pollinator within 300 feet to bear fruit.
没有足够的好东西可说的对海棠。我的“塞特”海棠美丽在每个季节。在深秋和冬季,他们生产的淡红色果实小群。我认为,鸟类欣赏他们甚至比我还多。海棠蓬勃发展,充满阳光,但不会容忍光影。厂始终湿润,排水良好的中等肥沃的土壤。大多数品种在区5耐寒 - 8,但也有一个或两个能在区域4.成熟的植物大小取决于多种生存。

Evergreen groundcovers should also be considered for your winter garden. These plants can add a carpet of color, pattern and texture to otherwise bare spots in your flowerbeds.


Euonymus fortunei

阔叶山麦冬, ‘Silver Dragon’
我喜欢,因为它的草一样的叶子和密集的习惯麦冬。“银龙”有吸引力的绿色树叶,白色和银色花斑。麦冬将任何光线条件下茁壮成长。它是耐旱,但更喜欢从冷避风,干燥的风。哈迪在区6 - 10你可以期望这家工厂将达到约12英寸高。
Creeping Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’,Veronica peduncularis
该工厂拥有精致的绿色叶子,在冬天变成微紫。这种植物的真正奇迹出现在二月下旬,当它被覆盖湛蓝的花朵。预计匍匐维罗尼卡达到约4英寸的成熟与身高2英尺蔓延。植物在充足的阳光部分遮荫在持续湿润但排水良好的土壤。哈迪在区4 - 8。
Wintercreeper,Euonymus fortunei
Wintercreeper是我最喜欢groundcovers之一。我特别喜欢各种“Coloratus”,果然在秋天一个不错的酒红色。这种植物生长高达2英尺高。表现最好在充足的阳光和容忍任何排水良好的土壤。哈迪在区域5 - 9
English Ivy,常春藤
One of the best groundcovers for shady areas has to be English ivy. There are several varieties to choose from. I often rely on the green and white variegated varieties such as ‘Anne Marie’ and ‘Baltica’ to bring interest and color to a garden. English ivy will tolerate full sun in cooler climates but should be planted in partial shade in zones 7 and above. It is important to plant English ivy in an area that has good drainage.

由于常春藤是天然植物潜在的危险,我只用它在受控环境所在的地区是不是一个问题,建议不允许横行。播种前,与当地合作推广经常检查或者去国家公园管理局的网站http://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/. They have a nice map that shows which states are troubled by this plant.

Color Harmony and Color Contrast

One topic I am frequently asked about is how to use color in the garden. It is easy to get bogged down in all the rules and theories. Not to mention apply these to living plants. I always like to remind everyone that asks that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t be timid about planting your favorite colors and trying new color combinations because your garden is all about you – if you don’t like what you ended up with you can always change it.



你还记得色轮,对吧?的contrasting a.k.a. complementary colors on the wheel are red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. When paired together these colors make a bold, dramatic statement. To smooth out the edges mix in neighboring ‘cousin colors’ like yellow-orange and violet with yellow and purple. By using contrasting colors with their neighboring ‘cousin colors’ we create a more delicate, harmonious composition.


When creating a contrasting color combination it’s a good idea to allow one color to dominate. For instance, if choose orange contrasted with purple plant more orange than purple or vice versa. You can soften the planting by filling in with a few of the color cousins like lavender and peach.

Good to Know: Contrasting Color Ratio

  • Dominant Color – 50%
  • Secondary Color – 25%
  • Cousin Color 1 – 15%
  • 表哥颜色2 - 10%


Some of the most memorable gardens I have seen have been developed around a single color family. It’s also one of the easiest color combinations to pull off. Just blend a single color and it’s cousin colors. A mix of red, red-orange, orange and yellow-orange is a beautiful warm color arrangement. The proportion of the harmonizing colors in the composition is based on your preferences.


19 Plants that Tolerate Soggy Soil




Here is a shortlist of plants that will tolerate “wet feet.”


Possumhaw(冬青蜕膜) - 这落叶冬青产生冬季明亮的红色浆果。它可以是一个小乔木或大灌木。区5 - 9. 20'高×15'宽。

红枫(宏碁石)——也称为沼泽ple, this tree has brilliant fall foliage. I have 2 ‘Red Sunset’ planted at the front entrance to my garden. Zones 3 – 9. Height and width vary with cultivar.

River Birch (Betula nigra) – This tree has interesting bark and brilliant yellow fall foliage. Zones 4 – 9. 60′ tall x 40′ wide.

Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) – A vigorous grower, give this tree plenty of room mature. Attractive, mottled bark. Zones 5 – 8. 80′ tall x 70′ wide.

Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) – Perhaps the best known water-tolerant tree. Graceful weeping branches. Zones 6 – 9. 40′ tall x 40′ wide. Roots tend to be invasive.


洗瓶七叶树(七叶树小花) - 这是我最喜欢的口音灌木之一。像花朵蜡烛出现在盛夏。在所有的蓬勃发展,但最排水不良的土壤。区5 - 9. 10'高×15'宽。

Florida Anise (Illicium floridanum) – In late spring and early summer, this native American shrub produces fragrant star-shaped flowers. Moist but well-drained soil. Zones 7 – 9. 8′ tall x 8′ wide.

Redtwig Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) – This is a great shrub because of its bright red stems. I like to use it in my winter container designs. Tolerates wet soils. Zones 2 – 8. 6′ tall x 12′ wide.

甜Pepperbush(Clethra alnifolia) - 由鲜花这个灌木生产的芬芳的气味使得它必须具备的任何芬芳的花园。湿润但排水良好的土壤。区3 - 9 8'高×8'宽。


落新妇(Astilbe simplicifolia) – One of my favorite astilbes is ‘Sprite’ because of its unique airy, shell-pink flowers and dark, bronze-green foliage. Prefers moist, humus-rich roil. Zones 4 – 8.

蜂膏(大红香蜂草) - 我喜欢这种植物因为蜜蜂和蜂鸟发现它如此大的吸引力。开花较长时间。我最喜欢的是因为其清晰的粉红色的花朵和抗白粉病“马歇尔的喜悦”。区域4 - 9。

海芋(马蹄莲) - 这些夏天灯泡产生的鲜花让我想起面料从20世纪40年代。我在花园游泳池成长“绿色女神”在1加仑黑幼儿园盆。区8 - 10。

Canna– Another great plant for growing in standing water. ‘Black Knight’ always has a place in my summer garden because of its deep red foliage. It looks great when planted with purple fountain grass. Zones 8 – 11.

Elephant’s Ear (Colocasia esculenta) – These fun summer bulbs are an easy and quick way to add height and texture to your garden. ‘Black Magic’ is a deep purple, almost black variety. Tolerates fairly wet soils. Zones 8 – 11

乔 - 派伊杂草(Eupatorium purpureum) – I was surprised and delighted to find this native American flower growing in the English garden of Arley. Prefers moist but well-drained soils. Grows up to 7′ tall. Zones 3 – 9.

Iris– Many iris are tolerant of soggy soil conditions. Japanese iris, Siberian iris, and yellow flag iris are a few that I grow in my garden.

薄荷(薄荷) - 薄荷是猖獗种植者,可以轻松地运行失控。这是也使得它完美的花园,在那里什么都没生存的潮湿地区。为了限制其传播它可以与切出,并埋在地下的底部容器中生长。

皇家蕨(薇菜regalis) - 这确实蕨尤其在排水不良的地区。只要充足的水分可不会容忍充分的阳光。它的身形富豪,增长到6英尺高,使其成为花园的赢家。区域4 - 9。

Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana) – I have an area in my garden where the irrigation system floods on a regular basis. The spiderwort loves it there. One of my favorites is ‘Innocence’. It’s pure white flowers light up shady areas from summer until fall. Zones 5 – 9.